Catch Ari Kushnir in NYC!

Two chances to catch Ari Kuschnir tomorrow in NYC!

AICP Base Camp at 11am
The AICP Next Awards Virtual Reality Shortlist

With Ari Kuschnir (M ss ng P eces), Jen Dennis (RSA Films), Justin Denton (Vrse), Rob Holzer (Matter Unlimited), Pete Jones (Framestore), Todd Makurath (Bullitt) and moderated by Eleftheria Parpis (Campaign US)

Northside Festival at 2pm
VR Storytelling: Where Do We Go From Here?

Moderated by Ari Kuschnir (M ss ng P eces), featuring Ray Tintori (M ss ng P eces), Sebastian Marino (Uncorporeal Systems), Katrina Craigwell (GE), and Charles Melcher (Future of StoryTelling)