3 Million Views of Tattoos

CONGRATS to Bianca Giaever on 3 million views for her film Tattoos, part of our series with This American Life. Thanks UpWorthy for the share!!!

We Can End Gun Violence

We Can #EndGunViolence via Everytown for Gun Safety. Add your voice! See this message of hope directed by Dax Martinez-Vargas, inspired by his app Peepsqueeze. PRESS ROLLING STONE – Watch Amy Schumer, Obama, Spike Lee in Powerful Gun Violence PSA HUFFINGTON POST – Amy Schumer, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston Call For An End To Gun […]

Introducing Verily

m ss ng p eces teamed with Google to announce the new name for their life sciences division – Verily! A bold combination of medicine and technology, director Tucker Walsh gave the announcement a human touch, which reminds us that it’s not science fiction — it’s practical. #notsciencefiction PRESS THE VERGE – Alphabet introduces Verily, […]

Ray Tintori On Virtual Reality

Stories in ‪virtual reality‬ are the ‪#‎NewFrontier‬. On 12/8, see Ray Tintori, Marcelle Hopkins, Heidi Boisvert and Jamie Pallot exclusive panel on what it takes to tell a ‪VR‬ story, moderated by Jess Engel at Made in New York Media Center.

Congrats to Celia Rowlson Hall

Her first feature MA won Breakthrough Audience Award at the AFI Film Fest!

Congrats to Yung Jake!

FWA named the Hypnotiq ‘Both’ music video today’s Mobile Winner of the Day. See it on two phones with two snapchat accounts, or watch a recording.

We’re ecstatic for Celia Rowlson-Hall!

Her first feature MA has its US premiere at the AFI Fest next week, Monday 11/9 at 6:45 and Tuesday 11/10 at 4:15. Help her art film fill the house! Get free tickets here and see the trailer here.

Grimes – Flesh Without Blood

We were thrilled to help bring @actuallygrimes vision to life by producing her latest music video. PRESS TIME – Top 10 Best Songs of 2015 (#1) ROLLING STONE – 50 Best Songs of 2015 (#15) ROLLING STONE – Grimes Drops New, Self-Directed Video ‘Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream’ THE VERGE – Watch the […]

Let’s Play Doctor

Too many emails plus lots of red tape? Let’s play doctor: Pat Sherman made some funny spots with Ari Merken for Athena Health. AdAge features them here. PRESS ADAGE – Athenahealth Launches Campaign ‘Let Doctors Be Doctors’ ADLAND – athenahealth “When I grow up” THE DRUM – Athenahealth calls for increased focus on patient care […]

HumanKinda for Jet Blue

Check out Bianca Giaever’s latest film ‘HumanKinda’ about busyness, with Mullen Lowe for JetBlue. If you’re not too busy, that is. We love it! PRESS FASTCOCREATE – See How Ridiculously Busy We All Are In “HumanKinda,” A Short Film From @JetBlue EXAMINER – JetBlue presents ‘HumanKinda’ MARKET WIRED – JetBlue Presents HumanKinda, a Short Film […]