Variety Lauds Celia Rowlson-Hall’s Ma

After Celia Rowlson-Hall’s awe-inspiring first feature Ma played at Venice Film Festival last week, Variety calls it “one of the year’s most original debuts”. Read the full review here, and check out the mesmerizing trailer on Indiewire here.

Snapchat Yung Jake

Yung Jake’s new video is out on snapchat. Follow both yungjake1 and yungjake2 and view stories side by side for full experience!!! PRESS Fader Paste Green Label Inverse Complex

Kate Oppenheim is Back!

@kateoppenheim is back! #mssngpeces (at M ss ng P eces)

Congrats to Yung Jake!

Congrats to yungjake, one of ten artists funded for the sundanceinstitute & Time Warner Fellowship Lab for 2015.

Empowering kids in Camden through dance

Tawanda Jones and the Camden Sophisticated Sister Drill Team will floor you in Tucker Walsh’s heart-stopping video for Ford. PRESS SHOTS – Ford: Empowering Kids Through Dance GOOD – New Jersey Dance Team Helps Teens Graduate

On the Left Coast

LA office is so real! Making moves with @brianlatt and @miss_munro (at m ss ng p eces LA)

Interview with Kate Oppenheim

Kate Oppenheim is in great company as one of “16 New York Entrepreneurs Who Risked It All,” a piece by Northside Innovation Insider. Read her interview here.

Celia’s Directing Debut

Celia Rowlson-Hall directed and choreographed Dance Moms’ Mackenzie and Maddie Ziegler for Glamour’s fall fashion trends! Brava for Celia’s m ss ng p eces debut! PRESS BUSTLE – Maddie & Mackenzie Ziegler Dance The Fall Trends For ‘Glamour’ CULTURE POP – Fall Fashion Trends In Motion From the Stars of Dance Moms THE SCENE – […]

Welcome Celia and Masa!

We’re honored to welcome to our roster two groundbreaking directors, Masa Kawamura and Celia Rowlson-Hall. They’re both awesome!! SHOTS announced today.

Presenting the New Experts

We’re crazy about Josh Nussbaum’s latest films profiling Dell’s New Experts Jenn McAllister, nuclear physicist Taylor Wilson and fashion designer Isabella Rose Taylor. Adweek highlighted the films as well! PRESS ADWEEK – Dell’s Back-to-School Campaign Is a Docuseries About Young Achievers LITTLE BLACK BOOK – Dell Presents ‘The New Experts’ in Y&R New York’s Back-to-school […]