Airflow is a new kind of VR ride. Operated completely by bodily movement, riders traverse a mountain range as though they are outfitted with a jetpack. They are treated to views of the sea, and the rising and falling sun on the horizon, while listening to a location responsive multichannel ambient music soundtrack.

Airflow VR is another investment into Yehuda’s commitment toward making VR as immersive and embodying as possible by incorporating 4D elements and removing controllers. Digitally-throttled fans are placed stereoscopically in front of the rider to model their in-flight directional wind speed. Wearing a Hollywood-grade stunt harness and riders are freely suspended just a foot or two off the ground, imparting the gravity and suspension of freeform flight. Mindride’s Interactive Systems Engineer, Nick, composed an all-new ambient music soundtrack for the experience, comprised of 12 multichannel pieces written in each key. Each song is represented abstractly by spheres of sonic emanation, turning the pilot into a 3D crossfader on a giant, mountainous mixing board.
In addition, a landing strip’s worth of LED track lights provide spectators with feedback as to the rider’s speed, direction and input.


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Yehuda Duenyas is an experience designer and is the Founder of Mindride, an artist-driven company specializing in next-generation experiential entertainment. Bridging the gap between the physical and the virtual, Duenyas is a visionary artist who creates immersive encounters and interactive events, playful environments that sensuously evoke the mythic, the intimate, the ridiculous, and the sublime. His techniques emerge from his passion and experience working in immersive theater, interactive technology, ride design, reality television, large-scale events, gaming, and physical computing.

Yehuda was the Designer of the Ad Council’s Love Has No Labels campaign, and his company Mindride designed the custom motion capture pipeline behind that powered the experience. The most viewed campaign of 2015, Love has no Labels has earned over 1 billion media impressions, has been viewed over 110 million times online and won 8 Cannes Lions, 11 Clio Awards, 2 Facebook awards, and the 2016 Emmy for Outstanding Commerical. His company Mindride developed the live motion capture pipeline behind the spot. Duenyas and his team also created The Ascent, the first mind-controlled ride/game, which was called the largest EEG bio-feedback machine in the world by the New York Times. Duenyas has created experiences and productions for Google/YouTube, Audi, the Ad Council, R/GA, Disney Imagineering, Logan & Sons, Alpine Labs, MGM/UA among others. He consults on new forms of interactive experience design for the entertainment industry and advertising. Currently, Duenyas is a Producer and Creative Director of a new format Zombie Reality Experience, created for YouTube Red.

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Emmy Award for Outstanding Commerical
8 Cannes Lion Awards
Gold Direct: Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness Messages Silver Direct: Targeted Ambient Media: Large Scale Silver Direct: Use of Digital Marketing Silver Outdoor: Live Advertising & Events Bronze Titanium & Integrated Bronze Cyber: Online Video: Social Video Bronze Cyber: Spatial Tech Bronze Cyber: Web Campaign: Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness Messages