Toyota Prius

As the son of a globe-trotting Japanese executive, Mr. Hide was born in Dusseldorf, went to high school in Boston and finished up at the Arts Center College of Design in Los Angeles. An early aptitude for art and a love of American cinema meant that upon his return to Japan, he would make a movie.

“A Loose Boy” caught the attention of the Japanese advertising giant, Dentsu which went on to entrust him with a variety of campaigns ranging from huge spots for Coca Cola to smaller, highly-creative regional clients. He was also recruited by some of Japan’s top recording artists to bring his signature bold creative to music videos.

Mr. Hide was earning international recognition for his work via such awards as Best Direction at the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, a Clio Award and an AICP Award for his ground-breaking Toyota USA “Prius” campaign. He also directed a second film, “Donju,” which was released to critical acclaim.

His second “Prius” campaign fixed his reputation as an organic yet technically-savvy director. He continues to develop screenplays and widen his inspiration driven what he describes as “my appreciation of people as individuals and the sheer wonder of the world around us.”