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New Year. New Roads.Biography


Chevrolet’s campaign “New Year. New Roads” follows the stories of five individuals around the world as they attempt to conquer their respective fears and achieve life-changing goals. The production travelled to Dubai, Sao Paolo, Boston, Korea and Mexico to follow the stories of five individuals through a unique combination of personalized VR, 360 video and documentary production.

Five individuals are profiled in a short docu-style Facebook 360 that reveals their backstories, goals and a look at the roads ahead. Manal, an Egyptian woman living in Dubai aspires to climb Mt. Everest and use the accomplishment as a platform to inspire the next generation of Arab women; Mihwa nearly drowned at age six in her native Korea but dreams of overcoming her fear of the ocean and learning how to surf; Uriel suffers from a paralyzing fear of heights which he wishes to overcome by eventually skydiving out of an airplane; Levi can not dance but wants to surprise his dance-loving bride-to-be with a dancing flash mob proposal in a Sao Paolo park; and Denna, once a competitive hockey player in Boston, is now in intense therapy due to a spinal cord injury and aspires to once again compete as an athlete.

Co-Directors: Tucker Walsh & Sam Smith
Developed by: Facebook Creative Shop
Lead Agency: The Story Lab
Commonwealth/McCann: Creative Agency
Carat: Media Agency
Client: Chevrolet


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