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GE – Story of LightBiography

Since 2007, m ss ng p eces has worked with TED to tell the story behind the TED Talk. As brands began to flock to, we had the opportunity to work with GE on custom post-rolls.

One of these projects was for OLED lighting technology. This paper-thin material was a revolutionary step forward in light, but knowing we were developing the content for the highly sophisticated TED audience, we faced some special challenges: after watching a highly inspiring 18 minute talk, how could a brand convince you to stick around and watch?

The story of light is the incredible, compelling story of civilization itself. From the dawn of time, we have used light for survival, to learn by, to entertain ourselves, mold experiences, and illuminate our imaginations. Inspired by such a singular story, Josh Nussbaum set out to create a handmade storybook fantasy illustrating milestones in the history of light. Each chapter invites us through the annals of history, leading to present day where a new set of possibilities are yet to be realized in the hopeful light of tomorrow.

Knowing that we were developing creative specifically for the inspired TED audience allowed us to think big and seek out the best from the extraordinary team of artists it took to bring this story of light to life.

Ultimately, GE’s post-roll viewership rose to an astounding average of 55-seconds. Each scene was hand-cut from paper and shot using UV-lights to create the illusion that the paper was lit up.

Check out the behind the scenes below.

Director: Josh Nussbaum
Partner: TED
Client: GE


PSFKGE Recounts The Story of Light