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Mitsubishi – #FirstRideBiography

If there’s one demographic that’s ultra-concerned with safety, it’s new parents. In the exciting months preceding a little newborns arrival, the sharp table corners are being padded, breakables are put away, and everyday household cleaning products are replaced with green, non-toxic versions. While some new parenting methods are born out of nerves and paranoia, car safety certainly isn’t one of them.

Tucker Walsh’s ad with Mitsubishi and 180LA features the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander, a vehicle named a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. We found three special families and their newborns who deserved a memorable, safe, and comfortable #FirstRide home from the hospital. The #FirstRide campaign follows these New York City families who all faced their own unique challenges leading up to the first day of their child’s life.

The most important of rides, the ad gives these new parents a stress-free lift home from the hospital in the Outlander, as opposed to an NYC cab, which doesn’t even require the use of a car seat for newborns.