Director Jordan Fish worked with critically-acclaimed indie band Chairlift to create a radical interactive music video using Interlude technology, which allows viewers to select their own path throughout a given video. When Jordan partnered with Chairlift to make a video for their new album, it proved the perfect moment to employ this novel storytelling tool, using Jordan’s 2007 interactive music video for MGMT as a frequent reference.

The result is a ground-breaking choose-your-own-adventure interactive experience, where you choose your own path throughout a video which ultimately affect the character’s fate. By choosing from simple directional choices at key moments, your story may involve possibilities for romance, intrigue, or performance along the way.

A popular and critical hit, garnering nearly 1 million unique views, it was covered widely by music, technology, and creative press including MTV, Pitchfork, and Fader, while Fast Company said the video is “pretty much impossible to watch just once.”