m ss ng p eces and Intel Bring the Olympics to VR

Did you watch the Olympics this weekend? Tucker Walsh and Mike Woods teamed up with Intel and mcgarrybowen to tell the story of three incredible athletes – and how VR is bringing them closer to their families, homes and fans than ever.

Ivan Cash in Guts & Tales

Creative superstar Ivan Cash is featured on Guts & Tales tracing his journey from junior art director to interactive artist and filmmaker, discussing meditation, advertising, and everything in between.

Ashley Baccus-Clark in Vice

Ashley Baccus-Clark, of Hyphen-Labs, was photographed by visionary creative studio Maroon World for Vice’s feature on the black women who are building empowering spaces in New York City.

#WarGames is coming in 2018

Shall we play a game? We’re partnering with eko, MGM and Sam Barlow to bring this interactive series to life in 2018.

Welcome David Ma to m ss ng p eces!

Our live action roster continues to grow with the addition of viral food director David Ma. Ma started his career as an agency creative working at Droga5, TBWA and 360i before becoming a popular creator with a large social media following. His unique take on the intersection of food & films combines surprising concepts with more polished, cinematic food imagery, all adding to a much needed fresh take on the tabletop genre.

Yung Jake’s “On My Way” At Sundance

Yung Jake and Ari Kuschnir were at Sundance to launch our new 360 degree interactive music video collaboration, “On My Way.”

Guests could experience On My Way in two different ways: A linear VR video as part of the VR Mobile Program 4 at The Box at The Ray, or as an interactive 360 app at the VR Bar at the Music Cafe.

The interactive 360 app, made with EEVO, is dropping this week — stay tuned!

Say Goodbye to Spike TV

Ray Tintori’s latest bids farewell to Spike TV with a Viking Funeral, live on Facebook. Viewers voted on their favorite methods of destruction to deface Spike over and over again until the final boom.

Director X is Superfly!

We’re so proud that our very own Director X will be helming Sony’s remake of legendary blaxploitation film Superfly, starring Trevor Jackson and Jason Mitchell. Read more over at Deadline.

Drake and His Dad are Back in Director X’s Latest

Dennis Graham is not to be underestimated in Director X’s latest spot for Virginia Black!

Mr. Hide Joins Our Directorial Roster

The talented Hideaki Hosono aka Mr Hide has joined our roster! He is best known for his groundbreaking work on the 2009 launch of the Toyota Prius with Saatchi & Saatchi LA which went on to win a Clio as well as three honors at the 2010 AICP Show. Mr. Hide’s other notable credits include the launch of Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Mini clothing line with Target.