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Bianca’s blend of image and voice and music is elegant; audio drives the story, but the pictures make it sing. Her style is surprising, charming, and sophisticated. In 2013, her short The Scared is Scared won the internet’s heart, and since then she’s worked on a number of video collaborations, most recently with This American Life and the fashion designer Rachel Antonoff.

Her work has been featured in NPR’s This American Life and Radiolab, websites such as Buzzfeed, Jezebel, FastCo, The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, CBS News, and Short of the Week, at various film festivals, and at the TED conference. She attended Middlebury College, where she designed her own major called “Narrative Studies,” and graduated in the class of 2012. She teaches storytelling workshops, gives talks, and is a Future of Storytelling fellow. Originally from Seattle, she now lives in Brooklyn.

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