Shot on two iPhones in split-screen, Yung Jake’s music video ‘BOTH feat. Charlie Heat’ was released on Snapchat for you to view with a friend, i.e. you would follow Yung Jake on Snapchat and then get a friend with a phone to follow Jake’s second account. By both pressing play at the same time, together you would unroll BOTH in its doubletake glory. This social-media-made-social-event was totally unique and the first of its kind. As he told Nylon, BOTH finds its home on the inherently ephemeral Snapchat for its “shot in the moment vibe”. Overtly playing with Hpnotiq placement and his own digital deftness, Yung Jake’s BOTH is laced with his signature swag no matter how you view it.


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Webby Awards – NOMINEE – Social: Experimental & Innovation
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‘Born on the internet in 2001’, Yung Jake is a viral-prone creative innovator, mixing wildly immersive digital art with rap.

Via the paint-with-emojis site, Yung Jake created celebrity portraits that not only exploded across the web with retweets in the thousands – featured by MTV, People, and Time – but also inspired a Pepsi ad directed by Yung Jake himself.

He has since taken the art world by storm, with work that’s been reposted endlessly online and featured live by MOCA. In collaboration with the Ace Hotel, Yung Jake took over a billboard in downtown LA for Dear DTLA, and his projects Datamosh, Look and Both have taken digital experience to a whole new level., his browser-bending hip hop video project with Vince McKelvie, was shown at Sundance’s New Frontier Exhibition in 2013 along with his augmented reality app AugMented Real. Always imaginative and at times wonderfully irreverent, Yung Jake continues to devise content based on his radical visions for brands and artists.

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