Go Further


Tucker Walsh’s heart-stopping film for the Ford Motor Company profiles the inspiring Tawanda Jones, founder of the Camden Sophisticated Sisters, an inner-city youth program. This past summer, Ford honored Tawanda as an Everyday Hero in their “Go Further” campaign. In the country’s most impoverished and violent city, this youth program is a dance drill team that teaches local youth the value of dance and the importance of service. It provides a safe place for kids to gather to do homework, experience community, and to receive love, recognition and emotional support in a city mired in gangs, violence and crime. The local high school graduation rate is 49%. For the members of the Camden Sophisticated Sisters, it’s 100%. It is no overstatement: CSS saves lives.

In the film, Tawanda takes us through the downtrodden streets of Camden: the situation looks bleak, hopeless, destitute. A shooting happened on Tawanda’s street just the evening prior. Walsh’s film poignantly illustrates the infallibility of the human will to live and triumph over darkness and evil. The personification of an Everyday Hero, Tawanda has seen tragedy permeate her city–nonetheless, she is intent on spreading her contagious and uplifting message of movement and community to as many of Camden’s youth as possible.

Director: Tucker Walsh
Agency: Team Detroit
Client: Ford