New Experts

For it’s back to school campaign, Josh Nussbaum directed these fun, inspiring documentary spots to profile Dell’s New Experts. The ads feature remarkable young achievers in the fields of fashion, science, and technology. The series, from Y&R in New York, follows four different, wildly exceptional young achievers.

Meet Taylor Wilson, a 21-year-old nuclear physicist, Isabella Rose a 14-year-old fashion designer and artist with a clothing line at Nordstrom, João Pedro Motta, a 19-year-old Brazilian tech entrepreneur, and 19-year-old YouTube sensation Jenn McAllister, known as Jennxpenn.

The docuseries, a digital campaign with four 90-second spots,  illustrates the various ways in which computer products are used by the teen market to achieve their lofty dreams. The campaign’s approach is fresh and sensible. It uses real culture makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs, all of whom rely heavily on the power and possibilities of technology in their practices, to share with fellow up and comers the beauty and power of using Dell.

Director: Josh Nussbaum
Agency: Y&R NY
Client: Dell


Ad WeekDell’s Back-to-School Campaign Is a Docuseries About Young Achievers