Dos Equis

Jordan Fish and Patrick Sherman teamed up with Havas and VR pioneer Felix & Paul Studios to give fans the chance to help The Most Interesting Man in the World find his “little black book.” The interactive film uses Interlude technology and allows viewers to make seamless choices leading to a number of mysterious characters and potential endings. Choosing the right path through the mansion can also lead to winning a trip to New Orleans for  the real annual Dos Equis Masquerade.

As the coveted guest of honor, the viewer sits on a chair in the Most Interesting Man’s salon as a stream of memorable guests–dancers, models, acrobats, a magician, and the man himself–stop by to mingle. The sense of presence the viewer has is extreme. Spoiler alert: when a leopard walks into the room, it’s easy to recoil in fear. When a dancer sits down on a nearby ottoman, you can nearly feel the shifting of the furniture stuffing below as she lunges toward you.

Tapping into the latest innovative technology, Jordan and Josh also created one-of-a-kind, truly cinematic virtual reality experience that will be shared in bars and Masquerade parties across the U.S. This 3D live-action VR experience will allow fans to don an Oculus Rift headset and enter into a virtual Masquerade as The Most Interesting Man’s guest of honor, encountering the unexpected and unusual.

Live action VR is truly a new form of cinema, and requires a completely new approach, in addition to groundbreaking technology. VR means you are not working with linear time, but rather with time and space. Using Felix & Paul Studios their proprietary camera and post-production work flow, they partnered with Patrick Sherman to bring this iconic character’s world to life.

The interactive film garnered much press and recognition, such as a 2015 Webby Award.


Dos Equis Interactive Masquerade


A radical interactive experience that gives guests unprecedented access to the Most Interesting Man in the World’s little black book.


Directors – Interactive film: Patrick Sherman, Jordan Fish
Directors – Virtual Reality: Patrick Sherman, Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphael
VR Post-Production and Camera Technology: Felix & Paul Studios
Agency: Havas Worldwide