Find Better


Josh Nussbaum directed these spots for Monster with BBDO, which celebrate four folks who truly love their jobs. We embarked on a national real-people casting to find characters whose authenticity and enthusiasm for their vocation was contagious.

Jaci is a 31-year-old Operations Director who lives in Youngstown, Ohio. She works on a farm that’s a touch different than most: her staff grows crickets–and they grow them to be eaten.

While this scenario might not sound like everyone’s ideal job, Josh’s profile on the cricket aficionado shows us that for Jaci, she’s hit the job jackpot. He traveled cross country with 3 others who, like Jaci, were unsatisfied with the daily 9-5 grind, and wanted to put their talents to good use. Allie is a truck driver who travels the highways of the southern U.S, choosing an exciting life on the open road over an IT job she didn’t find fulfilling. Lucas is a singing zoologist from Texas, who always wanted to be a rockstar–he found a job that lets him combine the two. Charles is a New York real estate agent with dance moves that make you stop, stare, and sometimes buy an apartment. He dances his way across town between appointments. He’s doing what he loves.

This consumer-oriented Monster campaign seeks to shed light on the innumerable opportunities that exist in the working world–but you just didn’t think were real.

Director: Josh Nussbaum
Agency: BBDO
Client: Monster