m ss ng p eces is the new wave production and entertainment partner for content and immersive experiences that inspire culture.

As the industry shifts and evolves through new mediums and new demands, we bring the missing pieces to the table to make content and immersive experiences with diverse creatives across storytelling, technology and physical experiences – all supported by world class integrated production.

Our talent roster helps shape the culture with profoundly unique points of view. They are the directors and makers leading the way stories are told.

Our content deserves people’s time. It brings value to our brands as it expresses values to its audiences. Our experiences create memorable physical and digital moments.

With offices in NY & LA, we produce globally recognized work for brands, agencies and studios. Over the past five years we’ve received four Emmy awards, 3 Emmy nominations and several Cannes Gold Lions. This year, we’ve been named The Webby Awards Production Company of the Year. We’ve also been named to the AdAge/Creativity Production Company A-List for five consecutive years and made the shortlist for Shots Awards – The Americas for Production Company of the Year.

Brian Latt

Managing Partner

Brian Latt joined m ss ng p eces as managing partner in 2014 and promptly opened the LA office, turning the company into a successful bi-coastal shop. Since his arrival, m ss ng p eces has diversified its creative offerings and had a remarkable run filled with exceptional awards and exciting press.

Prior to joining, Brian was an executive producer at MJZ and one of the former owners of Tool. He introduced and transformed Tool into a fully integrated shop with interactive directors, and the company experienced a tremendous creative renaissance. In short, Brian created a new category of production companies.

Brian is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He’s been honored with 5 Emmy awards and 8 additional Emmy award nominations, 2 Directors Guild of America award nominations, and several Cannes Gold Lions. He’s also served on the AICP National Board and chaired the Directors Guild of America Commercial Committee.


Ari Kuschnir

Founder, Managing Partner

Ari is the Founder and a Managing Partner of m ss ng p eces. Since 2005, he has been leading, advising and completing creative projects that resonate, seeking to shed light on people, projects, and ideas that matter to him, as well as the community he surrounds himself in. He consistently pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in storytelling, most recently through radical, never-been-done-before projects in emerging technologies and immersive experiences.

Ari has collaborated with some of the world’s leading artists, brands, and organizations. He has been featured on the Creativity 50 and sits on the board of advisors for the Future of Storytelling. He frequently speaks at conferences as an industry leader. For the past three years, m ss ng p eces has catapulted to the AdAge Production Company A-List.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Michelle and their daughter Luna. He is currently exploring Activated Storytelling, a new initiative that creates better outcomes for humanity by upgrading the stories we tell.


Kate Oppenheim

Managing Partner

Kate Oppenheim is a managing partner at m ss ng p eces, where she oversees the creation of over a hundred brand-led productions each year as well as development for original entertainment. Kate’s been at the company since 2010, when she joined to transform it into a new wave production partner for the integrated age. In doing so, she’s become a sought-after industry leader, and was named to the AdAge 40 Under 40 in 2017.

The company’s mission to create work that inspires culture has resulted in heralded work for the world’s leading brands and agencies, and accolades from the Emmy Awards, Cannes Lions, Webby Awards, Clios and the Tribeca Film Festival, among others. By 2015, m ss ng p eces had catapulted to Creativity’s Production Company A-List and has been named to the list every year since.

Kate has been instrumental in building a diverse roster of live action and immersive talent. Under her leadership, m ss ng p eces has become a pioneer in new, non-linear storytelling platforms, and blossomed into a home for some of the most exciting directors in the world.

Kate has spoken at numerous industry events including the Cannes Lions, AICP, and Percolate’s Transition Conference, and was previously a member of the AICP’s National Board of Directors.


Josh Nussbaum

Director, Partner

In 2011, Josh joined forces with his long-time friends at m ss ng p eces, where he is now a Director and Partner.

Since graduating from NYU Film School in 2000 as the youngest ever graduate, Josh has devoted his life and career to a winding path aimed at defining his personal and creative potential. After a decade and a half testing the elasticity of his skills and finding his voice in media, Josh is now an accomplished creative force across a variety of disciplines. He has traversed the globe as a Commercial Director (Google Glass, Heineken, Sony, Siemens), won an Emmy for his TV directing (MTV), and worked as a Cinematographer on Barry Levinson’s sci-fi thriller, The Bay.

Josh has worked with top brands and agencies across the globe, contributing an infectious energy into every story he tells, from hip hop videos in Japan to perfume commercials in Madagascar. He’s a leading force in docu-spots, experiential, and viral hits, infusing his films with truly authentic storytelling that stuns and inspires, blending art and commerce into unforgettable experiences.