Jet Blue

HumanKinda is a long-form short film that tackles the cultural epidemic of busyness, calling into question whether our hurried, jam-packed lives are taking a toll on humankind–ultimately making us humankinda. Directed by Bianca Giaever, who champions a delightfully unique style of visual storytelling, and starring comedian Sam Richardson, who brings the lightheartedness and the laughs, the film exposes America’s busyness epidemic by examining its effects on our humanity: are we happy? are we present? do we really have to be this busy?

Humankinda follows two individuals who simply don’t have time to slow down. Throughout the 16-minute film, which blends live action documentary with animation, they share their struggles with busyness, fostering a cultural dialogue around our fast-paced global climate. No matter how busy one may be, the overarching goal of the film is to prompt viewers to pause for a moment, reflect on their own level of busyness, and understand how it is impeding their humanity.

In the run-up to the New York premiere of the film, which featured a panel of cultural critics including Arianna Huffington, JetBlue circulated funny, thought- provoking GIFS, memes, and videos across social media platforms.

Director: Bianca Giaever
Agency: Mullen
Client: JetBlue


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