Stand Clear of The Closing Doors

Feature Film

STAND CLEAR OF THE CLOSING DOORS tells the story of Ricky, a 13-year old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome who gets lost one day in the New York City subway system. While his mother frantically searches for him above ground, the sensory-sensitive Ricky is exposed to the cacophony, eccentricity, and menace found in New York’s underground (including some scenes shot during Hurricane Sandy, which came to figure into the film’s story), resulting in a truly authentic view into both the wonders and the horrors of what lies below.”Stand Clear of the Closing Doors” is a family drama rooted in the vibrant depiction of a seldom-seen community on the city’s edge. With an eye-opening view of life on the autism spectrum, the film simultaneously explores the strains of the immigrant experience. The film is about identity and conformity; communication and intolerance. It explores the dark spaces between us, seeking out the peculiar threads that tie us together.



“Stand Clear of the Closing Doors is as intense and indelible an immersion in the real New York as I have seen in a long time. It may be crude, but it is completely, exhilaratingly alive.”

“The cast is terrific, the movie is extremely well-shot up close and personal and, however filled with emotional hooks, Fleischner’s formalist approach is admirably uningratiating.” – J. Hoberman

“We all see the world differently, but people on the autistic spectrum are an extreme example. In addition to their heightened sensitivity, they have difficulty understanding emotions and interacting socially.”


“I loved STAND CLEAR OF THE CLOSING DOORS. It’s probably my favorite film of the festival. I thought it was incredibly powerful filmmaking with a stunning sense of place.” – Glenn Dunks