Videos 4 U: I Love You

This American Life

We launched an ongoing video series with This American Life and director Bianca Giaever called Videos 4 U. A lover of both reading and writing letters, Giaever wanted to try making a video letter. Videos 4 U serves as a way to bring people closer in an era of deep disconnection. This project seeks to mine our shared experience of the oftentimes isolated world in which we live, and the inherent awkwardness of real human interaction. Through the film’s acknowledgement and indulging of these truths, a heartfelt, poignant message emerges.

Keen on blending her film and video skills to send messages that fulfil very real, practical purposes, Giaever put out an open call, asking people if they needed to tell someone something, but were having trouble saying it.

In the first episode, a woman named Maia wrote in, saying that she has been with her boyfriend Alex for eight years, but they had never once said “I love you” to each other. So Bianca helped Maia make a video to finally tell him these three words. Launched on Valentine’s day, the video debuted on the New York Times and went on to get almost a million collective views and major press. Also, a huge congrats to Bianca on her 2015 Webby win for the video!


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2016 Daytime Emmys Winner Special Class: Directing
2016 Daytime Emmys Nomination Special Class: Short Format Daytime Program
2016 Daytime Emmys Nomination Special Class: Writing
Webby Awards Winner Online Film/Video – Film – Drama Individual Short or Episode
Webby Awards Winner The Webby Fifty This American Life: Videos 4 U