Videos 4 U: Tattoo

This American Life

We launched an ongoing video series with This American Life and director Bianca Giaever called Videos 4 U. A lover of both reading and writing letters, Giaever wanted to try making a video letter. Videos 4 U serves as a way to bring people closer in an era of deep disconnection. This project seeks to mine our shared experience of the oftentimes isolated world in which we live, and the inherent awkwardness of real human interaction. Through the film’s acknowledgement and indulging of these truths, a heartfelt, poignant message emerges.

Keen on blending her film and video skills to send messages that fulfil very real, practical purposes, Giaever put out an open call, asking people if they needed to tell someone something, but were having trouble saying it.

Her second installment of the series featured Maggie. Bianca helped her make a video to explain to her unsuspecting conservative Christian parents that her body is covered in 17 secret tattoos. The video prompted Maggie to have one of the most honest, candid conversations she’d ever had with them. A Vimeo Staff Pick, this film also garnered over 1 million collective views.