24 Hours of Reality

In 2011, millions of people’s lives were upended by the reality of climate change. In the US alone that year, we experienced record-breaking twelve billion-dollar weather-related disasters. The Climate Reality Project set out to change the conversation the media was portraying about the climate crisis, from one of doubt and denial, to an eventual acknowledgement of the reality. To set the stage, the scale and scope of the climate crisis has been radically diminished in the public’s eye by a propaganda campaign funded by big oil and coal and their ideological allies.

 In an effort to fight back, we partnered with the Climate Reality Project, FearLess Revolution, Ustream, and Electric Pulp to create our own media event, independent of the corporate powers that warp the severity of the present reality. On September 13-14th, 2011, directors Josh Nussbaum, Dark Igloo, Jeremy Lubman & Adam McClelland launched a global, 24-hour, live-streamed broadcast about the current state of the climate crisis – connecting the dots between extreme weather and climate change. They created promotional spots, an interactive video site, motion branding, as well as documentary and scripted content for the broadcast.

Within a mere 24 hours, over 5.8 million people tuned in from all corners of the globe, watching the broadcast for an impressive average of 58 minutes.

“Climate 101” is a simple, fun explanation of climate science narrated by Bill Nye (Director: Dark Igloo). “Doubt” exposed the tactics being used by Big Oil and Big Coal, and their connection to Big Tobacco’s fight against regulation (Director: Jeremy Lubman & Adam McClelland). “Grassroots” is a powerful interview with Al Gore about the power of the individual (Director: Jeremy Lubman). “Spots”, directed by Josh Nussbaum, is a hilarious yet sobering allegory about the bleak state of the climate crisis.

Directors: Josh Nussbaum, Dark Igloo, Jeremy Lubman & Adam McClelland
Agency: Fearless Revolution
Client: Climate Reality Project


Winner – 2011 Cannes Silver Lion Branded Content & Entertainment Campaign